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Brass Work

This material is versatile and be machined to all kinds of shapes, it is also relatively easy to engrave and when polished give a stunning finish. We only use cz120 brass which is the best quality brass on today’s market.

Laminate Work

This material comes in all sorts of colour combinations and is ideal for door plaques, control panels, key-phobs, in fact just about anything it is very hardwearing and comes in all grades and thicknesses from flexible to bend around pipes to rigid fire resistant for ships control panels, it can be used for just about any sign you require, and is relatively cheap so keeps the cost of your signage down.

Stainless Steel

This material is very hardwearing, does not rust and gives a stylish modern low maintenance professional look to any sign. Its tough to machines and this is reflected in the price, but this is the material to use if you only ever want to buy one sign, which will look exactly the same in 5 years after the day its fitted.

Steel Reverse Dies

Deep reverse engraved dies up to 20mm deep specialist work for the rotational moulding industry.


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